Pet Insurance

Did you know that many Pet Insurance policies cover acupuncture, chiropractic and other eastern/holistic modalities to include herbs and food therapy?

Pet Insurance can also be a great benefit even if your regular veterinarian offers annual wellness plans and discounts.  An untimely injury or illness can be expensive. Here are some Pet Insurance Companies to check out!*



Healthy Paws



 *The list of Pet Insurance Companies is not all inclusive nor is the order in any particular recommendation.  Please check the websites or call the companies directly to ensure you obtain the coverage you wish in regards to the ‘ins and outs’ of the policies such as pre-existing conditions or breed clauses plus any procedures/prescriptions/diets that may be covered and the terms of reimbursement.  On Point Acupuncture and Veterinary Services, LLC, is not responsible for filing any insurance claims; that is the responsibility of owner/s. Payments are due at the time of veterinary services even if your pet is covered by an insurance policy. In order to assist with claims for repayment, medical documentation will be provided directly to owners upon written request. Please email requests to