Thank you for choosing On Point Acupuncture and Veterinary Services. We are a mobile practice. By coming to your place, we are only focused on your pet, and not all the other commotion that can be a part of a brick and mortar veterinary practice. Additionally, as an owner, you also do not have to worry about the stress of transport to a clinic.

After scheduling an appointment, please fill out the appropriate forms located in the Forms to download tab. The completed forms and any veterinary medical records can be sent to Please add your name as well as the patients in the Subject line or in the Body of the message.

At this time payments can be either by cash, check, Zelle or credit card. If paying by credit card, there will be a 3% fee added to all services to include prescriptions.

  • Initial evaluation, consultation and acupuncture as indicated +

    Price: $200 USD

    The initial appointment may take anywhere from 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  During this visit, Dr. Prine will review in detail your pet's history including current and past concerns, as well as behavior, sleep, eating patterns, and more. 

    A full physical examination will be performed and a therapy plan developed which will be discussed with you prior to initiating any treatment.  The exam fee includes the first acupuncture treatment to include Electroacupuncture, and Aquapuncture as indicated. Herbals or Food therapy may also be recommended during this visit which may result in additional fees. 

    Please have all available veterinary medical records ready prior to or at the time of the appointment.   If the records are sent in advance, the initial onsite appointment may take less time. 

    Please note, sometimes needling may not be indicated at the first visit or cannot be done due to the patient’s personality but the exam fee will still apply.

  • Recheck appointment with acupuncture +

    Price: $100 to $150 USD 

    Recheck appointments with acupuncture may take from 45 min to 1 -1/2 hours, depending on the needs of the patient.   

    As with the initial consultation, the recheck exam fee includes any acupuncture treatments that may be performed whether it is dry needling, Electroacupuncture, or Aquapuncture as well as any Tui-Na “homework.”  

    Herbal prescriptions if newly initiated/added or changed will result in additional fees.

  • Herbal Medicine +

    Price: Variable  

    The cost of herbal therapy depends on several factors, the size of the patient, how many formulas are needed (usually no more than two at a time), and the duration of treatment.  As a general reference, a single herbal formula to treat a large dog for 3-4 months may cost around $95-$120.  Smaller patients can often be treated for much less.   

    Individual formulas for horses may cost about $150 for a 2-to-4-week supply.  

    Herbal formulations come in many forms.  The easiest and most economical option is powders or granules that are added to the food. These are not always as palatable so in those cases, they can also be purchased as capsules and tea pills but for a slightly higher cost.  For long-term use, herbs can be purchased in larger quantities to save on expenses.  

    Topical formulations are also available as indicated for wounds and skin diseases. 

  • Food Therapy Services +

    Price: Variable 

    Sometimes the addition of a couple of food items to the current diet may be beneficial to your pet’s wellbeing.  A change in the protein or the addition of a cooling or warming food type can be beneficial to their general health.  General recommendations may be included at each visit.

    For a personalized and complete homemade diet recipe, there will be additional fees applied.  Prices will vary on the complexity and the time involved in creating the plan.

  • Service area and travel fees +

    Price: $25+ USD, location dependent

    On Point Acupuncture and Veterinary Services is based in Venice, Florida (South Sarasota County) and provides house/farm calls only.  We are a mobile practice.

    Homes or farms that are located within 10 miles of the center radius of the zip code 34293 will be charged a house call/travel fee of $25 USD.  If within 10 to 15 miles, the fee will be up to $50 USD. If you reside more than 15 miles out, there may be additional costs for travel to your location.

    If you are not sure whether you are within the service area, or if you would like an estimate for care at your home or farm outside the service area, please feel free to Contact Us!.

  • Other services such as bloodwork, x-rays or vaccinations: (not available) +

    As we are solely a holistic practice, in some instances it may be recommended that you return to your primary veterinarian or a specialist (i.e. neurologist) for initial diagnostics such as bloodwork, further testing, or other “Western” medical intervention before therapy is initiated or during the course of treatment.

    On Point Acupuncture and Veterinary Services does not offer services such as vaccinations, bloodwork, X-rays, or any surgical procedures. 

    In the case of an emergency, please contact your regular veterinarian or an Emergency Clinic. If you are unaware of one nearby the locations of some clinics can be found in the Resource tab.